Rabbi Yehoshiyahu Pinto was the son of Rabbi Yosef Pinto. Was born in Syria, Damascus, year 5325. He was deceased in Damascus 5408, the 23rd of Adar.

He was the student of Rabbi Yaacov Abulafya tz''l. Rabbi Yaacov Abulafya gave Rabbi Yehoshiyahu the 'smicha' he was among the five of his generation in which got the 'smicha'.

He called him 'Sinai' and 'Oker Har'im', uproot of the mountains, for he went deep into the 'halacha'. " You are like a judge that goes the deepest into the case and doesn't permit the choice of any opponent." He blessed him, to have the power to be fruitful, as a tree with abundant offerings, a blessing that will pass to all his grandchildren. Making them fruitful and satiated with wellness. The generation of his times was called "The Generation of Gold." Rabbi Yaacov Berav, Rabbi Yosef Kaaro (wrote the shulchan aruch). Rabbenu Alshich Hakadosh, Rabbi Yaacov Bulafya, Rabbenu Gallanti Hamekubal, Rabbenu Chaim Vital ( the great talmid of Arizaal).

When Rabbi Chaim Vital passed away in Damascus, Rabbi Yehoshiyahu Pinto became the great Dayan of Damascus.

In the year 5385, Rabbenu went to the Holy City 'tzfat'. He said to the generation that the year 5385, will be the year of the redemption.

In the Holy City, he sat with a group of Tzaddikim, in the preparation of the Redemption. According to his account the hour of the Ge'ula, his beloved son Rabbi Yosef passed away. He was 24 years old, buried in Tzfat, the Holy City. He mourned for his son, day and night, he didn't stop a moment. And he said: "My soul got bruised and torn apart, by the death of my son." This song of mourning comes in his book that he wrote "Kesef Mezukak" which he had published one year following the death of his son.

Even though his soul continued to be bruised, he wrote another book, the famous book "Harif De Ein Yaacov", and he called it "Maor Einayim." In the introduction of this book he says "The Bitter Yehoshiyahu With the Broken Heart on the Death of My Son."

"Ben Poraat Yosef, Ben Poratt Aleh Ayiin." - The famous blessing of Yosef Hatzaddik, the son of Yaacov. Rabbi Yehoshiyahu Pinto wrote numerous books, in which were published, and here they are named:

  • Kesef Nivchar
  • Kesef Mezukak
  • Ma'or Einayim
  • Kesef Tzaruf
  • Nivchar Me'Kesef
  • Kesef Nima'as
  • Kevutzat Kesef

All his entitled books were thus, compared to money. Not because he loved money. For him the money was Torah. The nature of the human man is to love and attain money (wealth). But for him the love of the Torah was expressed and evaluated into referring it into the category of money.