In year 2004 Rabbi Yaacov opened an organization due to the crisis that was taken place in Israel. This situation was called the 'Intifada'; it was a point where people in Israel had nothing to eat. It put innocent people in a position in which tomorrow was not a promise.

Rabbi Yaacov started with a warehouse. It was a huge place of space that stored all the food that fed hundreds and hundreds of families. At this point C.H.A.I had many volunteers that came and together everyone placed all the items into individual boxes that were delivered to the needy.

As time passed Rabbi Yaacov came up with an idea that made a difference. This idea was something that was unheard of. C.H.A.I Organization opened a 'Super-Market' that is designed looking just like a store, it works as such:

  • Each 'customer' (needy) is given a cart that allows them to walk around and choose all the items they need easily.
  • C.H.A.I works by 'Points', instead of 'money', just like a 'Super-Market'.
  • C.H.A.I organization has a 'Credit Card' with their name and identification code, so the 'customers' know exactly how many points they have, and exactly what they have taken.
  • The 'Super-Market' allows the 'customer' (needy) to feel just like any other. He doesn't have to feel deprived of his situation, for he is in a place that allows him to feel important!
  • Even though C.H.A.I doesn't work with money, but with points, resulting in no pay, the 'customers' are always given the great feeling to bring their children along. In the eyes of the child, he/she has no idea that their parent is getting all this for free. For the child sees his parent bring his cart to the counter and pull out a 'credit card', and getting a receipt. That way the child doesn't have to see and know of any difficult situation that his/ her parent is passing through. Thus, leaving the child the feeling just like any-other.

This Organization was chosen to work as a 'Super-Market' for the following reasons:

  1. Each 'customer' has the rights to choose EXACTLY what they need, and how much of what they need. This way if they are elderly they need less sugar and more of something else. As appose to how it worked before, they received a box, but NOW they may make the choice!
  2. This 'Super-Market' has times of opening and closing. Therefore, the 'customers' know that they may arrive at a time of their choice.
  3. The main interest of making this Organization into a 'Market' style was to assure that everyone leaves with full hands, a full heart and with no feeling of deprivation. (For some Organizations are in places such as basements, and dark-rooms, which is great, but here in C.H.A.I we try to make NO difference between the poor and the not.)

Here are some stories that will help people understand exactly what happens daily in C.H.A.I Organization:

I am Aurit Pinto, among the many volunteers; I volunteer in this beautiful Organization. If there is someone that may specify what happens, I would be a great candidate! For I have been apart of helping C.H.A.I for six months.

The things I have witnessed is something that I have never seen before. I may explain in words, but what is written in my heart is something that I cannot show, nor, speak in words, therefore, I highly advise that people come to Israel and witness this wonder for themselves. But for what I may write down, I wish to share with everyone.

I was in C.H.A.I one afternoon, and I saw a father walk in with a son of no more than 3 years of age. The child walked around the 'Market' peacefully, hand-in-hand with his father.

I stood afar, yet I was able to hear the child speak to his father. The little boy picked up a chocolate spread, and pleaded his father in soft words, "Abba, buy this for me, please!"

The father responded with a beautiful warm smile, and said, "Yes my son, I will."

I have not yet in my life seen such simplicity of love that has shaken the walls in my heart. To be a volunteer in this Organization is the most beautiful idea that has happened to me. But to say that it is easy to see such beautiful people living under such pressure would be a lie, because it's not so easy seeing this.

But on the other hand, Hearing their voices saying 'Thank-You' with such truth is more worth than any price in the world. To me every morning feels like a new Miracle is about to happen, and it does happen thanks to C.H.A.I Organization.

Here is another story that was witnessed by Rabbanit Dinah Pinto.

One day, Dinah met a mother that had a son that was turning 3 and needed to make him a party. As we know, when a boy turns 3 we cut his hair.

This woman came up to Rabbanit Dinah with such shame and embarrassment and asked if she may purchase a handful of nuts, a bottle of soda, and a small bag of chips for her son's party. As we all may understand here that what this woman pleaded was definitely not sufficient for a party.

As part of C.H.A.I, Rabbanit Dinah supplied this woman with plentiful needs of party items.

This is to show exactly how bad the situation some people are in. This woman couldn't supply her own little boy with even the smallest amount. And she was positioned in a situation that left her no choice but to actually have the courage to ask it from elsewhere. The importance of this little boy to know that he is 'special' and deserves none less than his class-mates is priceless.

This woman now receives from C.H.A.I. She is actually an orphan which has no family surrounding for support, thanks to C.H.A.I, now she does. This woman stated, and says this continuously, "C.H.A.I is my parents!"

The level of poverty got so severe, that there are people that actually thank with all their heart that their children NOW have 'Cornflakes' in the morning, thank to this Organization.

The Chief Operators in Los-Angeles:

  • Rabbi Yaacov Pinto, Rabbi
  • Maurice Perez, President
  • Abraham Amouyal, Vice-President
  • David Abehsera, CEO Chief Executive Officer
  • Daniel Bohbot, CFO Chief Financial Officer
  • Dan Michaels, Secretary
  • Allan Gordon, Treasurer
  • Philip Shemla, COO Chief Operating Officer
  • Steven Amir Dotan, Legal Counsler
  • Blaise Abergel, CPA Certified Public Accountant

In Ashdod, Israel the operation works under the Organization "Netivei Chaim Ve Moshe Pinto" under the name of Fredge Ben-Menachem Smadja.

The Chief Operator in Ashdod, Israel: Daniel Pinto
The Accounting Operator in Ashdod, Israel: Eli Lachmani
The Inspector Operator in Ashdod,Israel: Daniel Assor